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Do you keep meeting Mr. Wrong?

Don't know what to look for?
Don't know what to look for?

Are you searching for the man of your dreams only to come up empty? Many women are looking for love in all the wrong places! Sometimes women are so focused on finding "a man" that they are blind as to what they really want in a man, so they attract Mr. Wrong! By using the law of attraction in the correct manner, you can attract Mr. Right.

Attraction all begins with you. You create your own experiences through your feelings and thoughts, without even knowing it. Every thought that is entertained in your conscious mind goes directly into your subjective mind and accepts this thought as real without any judgement. It is important to give a specific purpose to the energy you send out because it is what you get back. Ensure you are constantly feeding the universe with specific positive desires of your ultimate man.

Your attitude plays a role when it comes to attracting the Mr. Wrong and Mr. Right. If you have the attitude that all the good guys are gone, then you are right. Thinking reverse psychology will not bring you what you want, it actually sends mixed signals to the universe.It is important to know and remember that it is a combination of your thoughts and feelings together that creates the law of attraction. So instead of thinking all the good guys are gone, focus on all the great guys that are left!