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Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

If you were to line up 100 entrepreneurs and ask what makes them successful, I bet this is what most of them would say…

They are workaholics – Most entrepreneurs are not looking for a job that allows them to have free time. In fact, the opposite might be true. They look for free time so they can fill that time with more work!

They are always thinking of the next good thing – I don’t think entrepreneurs are ever completely comfortable or satisfied with what they are doing. There is always a way to make improvements. There are many new ideas to try out. There are even more businesses to start. Did I mention workaholics?

They are not afraid to try something new – To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to try new things. Many. New. Things. It’s really the only way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

They don’t use the word failure – Entrepreneurs know there are no failures, only bumps in the road.

They like making money more than spending money – Money is more like a measure of success than a trophy to an entrepreneur. Making money is fun. Spending it, not so much.