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Do you have managerial courage?

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Consider the following situations:

You are one of several leaders in your organization; one of your leader colleagues is unexpectedly out of the office. During a staff meeting, several leaders engage in comments about the absent leader. You know the comments are not a true representation of the facts, however, you say nothing.

Your manager is reacting to a situation in which an employee's job is in jeopardy as a result because your manager does not know the full story. You are undecided to step up and confront your manager because you fear the loss of your job.

An employee who is favored as a high performing employee continues to disregard compliance requirements in a business process and could eventually cause problems for the company. Other leaders continuously crown this employee as a star. The employee feels they cannot be touched. You know you need to say something but fear your colleagues and other employees turning on you.

What's the common factor in these scenarios? Your ability to feel comfortable confronting each of these situations head on. It does not mean you are looking for a fight. It simply means you know how and when to step up and say the right things at the right time. It means according to Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company, "FYI: For Your Improvement, 5th Edition" that:

  • you don't hold back anything that needs to be said
  • you provide current, direct, complete, and actionable positive and corrective feedback to others
  • you let people know where they stand
  • you face up to people problems on any person or situation quickly and directly
  • you are not afraid to take negative action when necessary

If you don't already have these skills, it will take time to develop. Chances are, you will feel better about yourself once you master this skill. It's called managerial courage.

If you would like to know more about developing your managerial courage, contact me for some one:one coaching and support.



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