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Do you have healthy budgeting priorities?

The economy today is effecting every working person financially. It is not only the economic changes taking place it is also how the economy is impacting many businesses. This economy has either forced business owners to lower the workable hours from full time to part time with current employees and/or stop hiring staff members. Because of these actions it causes current employees to work twice as hard because there are no other employees to take their work hours. This can become quite difficult especially if an emergency arises and someone needs to take time off.

What is also taking place at time is difficulty of finding employment whether because no business is hiring. What has been taking place is many are faced with paying monthly bills late because income is very little. It is a very difficult situation that no person should ever experience. Unfortunately there have been many that are going through all of the above because of this economy and there has not been a valuable solution to resolve this solution just yet. What many have suggested when in financial need is to organize finances.

How can finances be organized? Organize them by priority. In other words, make a money budgeting plan then ask yourself at the beginning of every month the following:
- What bills are priorities
- What items are most important for this family needs
- Any health bills for this month?

After asking the above then review the monthly budgeting income you have to work with. Next, by using an Excel sheet or Open Office freeware you can enter in each item and the value to begin calculating each deduction to determine and organize everything from week to week. Below is an example of what it would look like:

3/4/2014 Energy $64
3/5/2014 Rent $310
4/1/2014 Dr. Crimson $40
4/5/2014 Energy $55
4/5/2014 Rent $310

By doing the above it will not be perfect but it will give a better format on planning ahead and it will give you a financial monthly budgeting guide to follow of the money that must go out to pay for necessary items (rent, utility bills, medical bills, etc.) and it will show you exactly how much money will be left over each and every time that money is spent. This is a very simple spreadsheet that will help anyone keep track of monthly bills that are going out and prevent excess spending on things that are not needed. A great tip, if there is anyone in the family who is trying to quit smoking this is a great way to track expenses and see where all the money is going.

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