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Do You Find Yourself Eating The Same Foods All The Time?

You may find yourself eating the same type of foods over and over for periods in your life.
Oftentimes, questions comes up around this behavior:

“Is it okay?"

"Does it limit us nutritionally?”

"What is the reason for this?”

The truth is, this kind of behavior has its roots in evolution and history. Many cultures around the world have evolved with a limited selection of foods, but in today’s nutritional landscape, we know that when we eat a wider variety of foods, we get our nutritional needs met more fully and thus thrive in a more robust way. This doesn’t mean that when certain foods are in season, or when you find yourself eating a mono diet for a short amount of time that something may be wrong. In fact, it may be quite the opposite.

In this case, we can assume that the body needs this food and body wisdom is speaking. Nature will often provide us with a mono diet for a short amount of time because that’s what’s growing, and that’s what’s in harmony with nature. When something’s in season, we need it. Great if we can find a way to store it, but often times, we have to be pragmatic. The bottom line is this: there’s often a very powerful wisdom that’s happening in the body when we’re attracted to a mono diet.

So the question is then, can you trust your body wisdom? Can you notice when it makes sense to stick with a certain food until your body no longer craves it?

Tune in here to learn more about this fascinating eating behavior and how you can work with it in your own life here:

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