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Do You Enjoy Homeschooling?

“Oh, my, what a challenge!” “You know, I’ve thought about homeschooling, but I just don’t think I can do it.” “Where do you find the patience?” “How’s that working for you?” When you tell people that you’re a homeschooling parent, these are just some of the comments that you’re likely to hear—many of them on seemingly permanent repeat from each of the individuals you’re talking to. Either the person in question is doing it themselves, or they can’t even begin to comprehend how you’re doing it—there doesn’t seem to be a lot of in-between (though there is often some overlap). this an everyday activity.
Emily L. Goodman

How do you respond?

Do you admit that it’s a weighty responsibility? Talk about how hard your days are? Discuss the fact that you just get through each day as best you can, some days?

Or do you genuinely enjoy homeschooling, and tell others how much you enjoy it whenever you’re given the opportunity?

When was the last time you took a moment to sit back and reflect on whether or not you actually enjoy homeschooling? When was the last time you reminded yourself that you chose this?

Is it something you enjoy? Or is it something that you chose for other reasons, and that you continue to do for those same reasons, regardless of whether or not they’re still valid?

Take a moment to sit back and really consider it: Why do you do this? There must be part of you that enjoys it…right?

Do you appreciate the freedom to work on your own schedule, both during the day and during the year as a whole? Appreciate the fact that you know everything that your children are learning, and can tailor the instruction that they get each day to their needs? Do you get excited about being able to teach your kids new things, sharing stories that are old, familiar favorites for you, but new and interesting to them?

Do you enjoy the challenge of teaching algebra to your math-challenged daughter, and reading your son’s stories? Do you find yourself fascinated by the different ways they learn?

Do you have fun taking field trips together, and doing things with your kids that you wouldn’t be able to do if they were trapped behind a desk for seven or more hours every day? Do you get excited about new opportunities, new trips, new lessons?

Or do you dread each and every day?

Do you enjoy homeschooling? Can you take a look around and find the things that you enjoy about each day? Can you use those things to make your days just a little bit brighter?

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