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Do you eat 'woof pab?'

Live Plant Strong!
Live Plant Strong!

A quiet underground movement is afoot. You may have heard of people speaking the words "woof pab" and wondered if this lingo was the latest trend similar to LOL or BFF.

"Woof pab" is the verbal slang for the abbreviation WFPB which stands for "whole food plant based" and before deciding that this is not for you because that would indicate some sort of tree hugging, eating bark or licking the side of a mountain, stop for a second and give it a chance.

We all know America is the sickest and heaviest we have ever been but so many of our health and weight issues are reversible, yes, reversible, with what you eat at the end of your fork. As drastic as WFPB may sound by eliminating meat, dairy, oil and processed foods, yes, WFPB eliminates all of that, the data is overwhelmingly clear on showing the direct link to cancer, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease, obesity and more.

Websites like Forks Over Knives and Engine 2 are becoming quiet powerhouses in the vegan and whole food industries. The testimonials abound online and contain personalized before and after pictures of their many followers.

The questions begs, do we really have to be in a personal health crisis facing something such as heart surgery that would require opening our chest cavity to fix blockages surgically when we could reverse the disease itself by eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes?

Unfortunately, for many, it seems a health crisis like the above is what it takes to even consider giving up our meat and dairy. But the reality is more and more of our children are becoming obese and diabetic at the elementary school level.

Children are now known to have signs of early heart disease and the beginnings of blockages from all the oil that seems to be in everything from the obvious like potato chips, to the surprising products like Kashi cereal. Yes, even some Kashi cereals have oil! The question is why? Why is oil needed in cereal?

The answer is it isn't. It only serves to lay on the pounds and create hardened arteries. To be truly WFPB one must learn to read the labels on everything in the supermarket but this can be time consuming to those of us with busy lives.

However, if the pay off is in disease prevention and reversal along with weight loss that can be truly effortless and even eliminate the need for calorie counting, wouldn't the choice seem simple? All we have to do is invest a little time and do something "selfish" like making our health a priority in our lives.

If Bill Clinton could go "woof pab" and remove these things from his diet, couldn't we do the same before a true health emergency befalls us?

For more information in your local area on making a transition to a WFPB lifestyle, please visit for personalized assessment, education and support and starting living plant strong today!

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