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Do you appreciate having a job?

When was the last time you expressed heartfelt appreciation for your job and all that it provides you? If you haven’t in a while, or at all, it’s okay to be honest about it. You’re not the only one.

Whether you’ve been on the job a week, a year, or 10 years, unless you’re adept at taking time to be grateful for all that you have in your life in general, this task may slip by you, as well.

Why is being grateful for your job so important? A primary reason can be found by examining today’s economy. If you look at California's current unemployment rate, your first order of business, pun intended, is to be thankful you’re not among those who are clamoring for jobs.

While you have the fortune to be collecting a steady, permanent paycheck—whether you love or hate your work—there are millions who would likely do the unthinkable just to be in your shoes.

If you’ve never had the misfortune of being out of work, then you may be hard pressed to scrape up an ounce of empathy for the countless that are. You may have some judgments about people who have been searching for quite a while. Sometimes, when we’re watching people go through hardships we haven’t experienced, it’s easy to be overly opinionated about how they should be handling them, or why they’re in the predicament to begin with.

If you have a family to provide for, and your job enables you to do so, then making a conscious, regular effort to be thankful for that feat (one that is in no way guaranteed, mind you), is a great idea. And if you’re among the ranks of those who are living comfortably because of their jobs, then an extra serving of gratitude on your plate of good would be even better.

The next time you catch yourself ready to gripe about one or more aspects of your career, look around at everything you have because of it, take a moment to acknowledge those blessings, and then tackle your day with a spirit of thankfulness at the forefront.

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