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Do women really have a type?



Okay, so all of us females have said it before:  Our "type" is tall, dark and handsome; short, chubby and bald; metrosexual and unavailable; muscular with a bad temper.  We all claim to go after men whose personality qualities are all the same as the one before. Well, what about Explorer, Builder, Negotiator, or Director as certain types we fall for? Anthropologist, Helen Fisher coined these four personality types during her research into why humans fall in love with certain people but not others. Fisher's research and hypothesis was built on her investigation of genetics and neurochemistry, which she discusses in her latest book, Why Him? Why Her?: Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type (you can find her quiz at the end of this article to see what personality type you are!) Fisher claims that by understanding which "type" you fall under, you could avoid mistakes that you have made in the past when it comes to relationships. Fisher came up with the four personality traits by looking at genetic literature and figuring out that only a few chemicals in our body seem to be directly related to personality traits.  Read on to see what these four personality types consist of!

The Explorer: This person expresses activity in the Dopamine system and tends to be risk-taking, novelty-seeking, curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic. 

The Builder: This person expresses activity with Serotonin and consists of people who tend to be more calm, social, popular, and cautious (but not fearful).  They are very good at networking, family is very important to them and they are often religion or traditional.

The Director:  These types have an excessive amount of Testosterone and tend to be direct, decisive, tough minded and often understand music very well (because music is very structural).  They are also competitive, ambitious and very good at spatial relations.

The Negotiator: These types have more Estrogen in them then others and are often known to "see the big picture".  They are compassionate and verbal.  

Now that we know what these types include, how is it helpful to us in future relationships? According to Fisher, the Explorer and the Builder tend to be drawn to people like more like themselves.  However, the Director goes for the Negotiator and vice versa-Fisher seems to think that these last two look for those who compliment them as opposed to those who are more similar. 

Fisher gives this advice for people once they have found their personality type. "Explorers are so charismatic and interesting and charming that people fall in love with them too fast.  I say to them, go slower, don't leap into things because you're going to get in trouble.  The Builder tends to follow rules and schedules, but you've got to take some risks when you're dating.  The Director often thinks dating is a pain in the neck.  They want to get to the point.  They also make up their mind too fast, so in the middle of the date, if they realize this isn't going anywhere for them, they can be very rude. They've got to relax. And lastly, the Negotiator is so flexible, so agreeable, so kind, so compassionate, that people will interpret them as a doormat.  They've got to stick up for themselves The Negotiator sees the nuance in everything, but they've got to take it back and just not over think everything.

Take this quiz to see what your personality type really is!