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Spending to much time with technology

devote attention
devote attention
heather knight

I was sitting on the floor playing with my three month old when I realized I couldn't see her face. I couldn't see her face because my cell phone was in the way. That means if I can't see her face then she cant see mine and who knows what facial expressions and important things I could have missed because I was on social media. Yes, I am a busy woman, Between motherly duties, homemaking, writing, owning a photography business, expanding my knowledge in my faith, homeschooling, my volunteer duties, all these in which I bring my children to, and adding to that my husband is deployed, and I gave birth while he's deployed. I am very busy so yes sometimes I get on social media when I can, even if it's while I eat. Being a military family your easiest access to family and where I keep up with everyone is there. How is it fair that my daughter knows the back of my cell phone better than she knows my face? It's not! That's why I am committing myself to only using social media and checking emails to times when my six year old is playing or entertained and my baby is sleeping. Our children are the first to be brought up in this grand technological world and can you imagine how we would have felt if it were our parents and we asked them to play or wanted attention and all we were given was the back of a cell phone. We could miss a very important moment in their lives that we can never get back. Don't miss those moments!