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Do we need to re-examine witnesses in Michael Brown's shooting

After two weeks of protests in Ferguson, Mo, repeated witness reports of Piaget Crenshaw and Dorian Johnson, and extensive news coverage, are we closer to knowing what happened during the events that lead to the death of Michael Brown? The three independent autopsies offer some clarity and hopefully will bring closure.

There are many confusing witness accounts

After the finding of a warrant against Dorian Johnson for falsifying a police report, several new witnesses have come forward supporting Dorian’s account. As we view Dorian’s interviews, he says that Michael was running away and Michael felt the shot from the back and then turned around, then reports that Michael was shot in the back. The findings of the autopsies performed on Michael Brown confirm that all the shots entered into the front of Michael’s body.

There are also “more than a dozen witnesses,” corroborating the claim that a fleeing Michael Brown stopped, turned, and then charged at Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.”

Even though the witness accounts differ, we know a few things. Michael Brown was killed on August 9 by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Some time before the altercation, Michael Brown was captured on video bullying a store clerk. Officer Darren Wilson did suffer facial injuries. There was a shot fired inside the police vehicle, and Officer Wilson then exited his vehicle to pursue Michael Brown.

There is such a rush to judgment on both sides: the young unarmed black man killed by a white police officer and a strong black man beat an officer, struggled to get the officer’s gun, and was killed as he charged the officer.

We do not know the truth. Officer Darren Wilson is silent, perhaps wisely, until the situation calms down enough for people to be willing to listen to his account of the situation. However, in St. Louis, we wait impatiently for the Grand Jury to convene.

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