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Do we lead in repentance?

Not long after I was married someone asked me if I or my wife repented and sought forgiveness from each other more. I thought for a bit and answered that I believed we were about even. I considered my reply accurate, and a good answer. But recently someone said that if we want to lead spiritually, we should lead in repentance. That makes sense!

I am convinced that any couple whether Christian or not, benefits when we are humble enough to admit faults and repent of our sins. But the Christian who knows the Bible is the word of God has a much stronger incentive to repent regularly and deeply. That is because the Bible teaches that the heart is desperately wicked. So whether our spouses or friends or co workers need to repent or not, we can be certain that we as Christians need to do that very often.

The Bible teaches that we have an inward bent to be the center of the universe, to always be right, to bully others and to gain status at the expense of others. When King David saw Bathsheba bathing he also noticed her beauty. But his heart was not right nor did he have a right spirit, or he would not have carried out adultery and then had her husband killed to try to cover up his sin. Afterwards when confronted by he prophet Nathan, he repented, and prayed, " Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."

When we read through the Bible regularly and pray to understand and to apply it, we see that we really should have been more patient, more kind, less selfish, less crabby, and to be more Godly in many ways. No doubt our spouse and friends also need to repent and to walk more humbly with God also. But I am sure I need to do that whether others do or not. Are we waiting and hoping that they will repent first? If so, then we are definitely not being the Godly person Jesus Christ calls us to be!

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