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Do We Know What is Best For God?

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Leviticus 2:7 - 16
The Third Book of the Torah, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called”

We continue reading today of GOD’s ordinances of what is acceptable as an offering unto HIM.

HE continues speaking to Moses/Moshe concerning the meal offerings, being prepared in a deep pot, with wheat meal in olive oil.

These meal offerings were acceptable if they were presented in the prescribed manner.

The meal offerings were to be presented to the priest and brought to the altar. The priest are to lift out the memorial portion from the meal offering and burn it on the altar as a fire offering “acceptable to GOD.”

The remainder of the meal belongs to Aaron, the priest, and his descendants. It is holy of holies, one of GOD’s fire offerings.

Leavened dough is not acceptable to GOD in a meal offering because fermented or sweet things are not to be offered other than as a First-Fruits offering. They may not be offered on the altar as an “appeasing fragrance.”

HE continues, reminding Moshe that every meal, and flesh offering contain the salt, in the meal or on the flesh of animals.

When the first grain offerings are made, they must be as soon as the grain ripens on the stalk, the fresh kernels of barley, roasted in a perforated pan, then ground into a coarse meal.

Olive oil and frankincense must also be in it, just as any other meal offering.

The priest are to burn the memorial portion taken from the meal and oil as well as the frankincense.

Reading these ordinances of GOD concerning sacrifice, always gives us the opportunity to see, not only how important sacrifice is to HIM, but also the grace HE has given us in sacrificing.

HE has made sacrifice available to everyone, regardless of their financial status. From those who can afford bulls to those who only have meal, HE has made it possible for everyone to come before HIM to make sacrifices unto HIM.

How awesome that the GOD of Heaven would give HIS people the ability to serve HIM, right where they are in life.

It is no longer a matter of status or position, for anyone can come before HIM, offering praise and sacrifice to HIM according to their means.

How loving, considerate and merciful a GOD is HE?

We read the ordinances, the conditions, the parameters of all that HE has spoken in order to serve HIM and please HIM and yes, it can often become overwhelming if we look at it from a mentality of poverty, lack or scarcity.

However, when we look at this from the point of view that HE has made a way for everyone to come before HIM, we see the true love, mercy and grace of which HE is truly made.

HE demands exclusive worship, then HE gave us the parameters within which to worship HIM correctly, as HE would accept!

How can we question what is right and wrong in worship when it’s in the very words HE has spoken?

How often do we give what we think is appropriate to GOD?

When did we become so arrogant as to believe we know what’s best for GOD?

When we stray outside of HIS commandments, HIS ordinances, we stray away from HIM.

Why would we not strive to work within HIS commandments exactly, to the best of everything within us, for HIM?

Why do we continue to do what is for us in HIS Name?

When will we return to service of GOD in the manner which HE has prescribed?

Will it be too late?

How can we look forward to serving and sacrificing to HIM in the New Jerusalem, when we can’t manage to serve HIM according to HIS words, here and now, today?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum, HERE.

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