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Do We Have An Excuse?

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 35:21-29
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayakhel,” “And he assembled”

Today’s reading begins with the people who were ready to volunteer coming forward, as well as any who wanted to give to the construction of the Communion Tent and all of it’s necessities as well as the sacred vestments.

Everyone who had any of the items necessary for the completion of GOD’s request brought them forward offering them unto HIM as a Divine offering unto GOD.

Every skilled and talented worker put their hands to work, volunteering to create all that GOD had ordered.

Everyone who wanted, brought an offering to GOD to complete all that HE had ordered.

Here we have everyone of the people coming together, volunteering in service to GOD and the construction of all HE has ordered.

Each person knows their skills and talents, their abilities and their means and everyone steps up to get involved.

There is no bickering over who does what, who gives what; there is no record of discord among them as to who would be in charge, nor who was qualified for any position.

All we read here in scripture shows us a community of people, coming together for the purpose of fulfilling the Will of GOD.

This is about HIM, what HE has ordered done, having given the people the option of donating and serving as they felt, and yet we read that each came into service according to their skill, gifts and talents.

What did these Israelites, these “unbending” people, have over us today?

If these people, the mixed multitude, in the wilderness, could find it within themselves to work within their purpose, their skill set, their ability, coming together to fulfill the Will of GOD, why can’t we?

These people were in the wilderness, they had become dwellers outside of civilization, they were essentially “homeless,” heading for a “promised land,” having seen GOD and the consequences of disobedience.

Still, these people did not make the task of fulfilling GOD’s Will about themselves. They made it about GOD and serving HIM, not competing with each other for position, for power, for recognition, none of those things.

They worked in order, in peace, in alignment with their skill set, their gifts, their talents and the wisdom which GOD had given them to fulfill HIS purpose.

How can we be so caught up in making HIS service about us, when it’s clearly not?

Why can we not see the value in each others skills, talents and abilities, exploiting those things which are GOD given, for the furthering of HIS Kingdom and the Service to HIS Tabernacle and HIS people?

What talent, gift, ability or wisdom are you “sitting” on today?

Why are you sitting on it and not using it for HIS purpose in HIS house where you are worshiping?

What’s stopping you from coming forward, from stepping up into the place that HE has gifted you to fulfill?

What will your answer be on the Great Day of the Lord when HE asks you “Why did you not use the gifts I gave you for MY purpose?”

Will you have excuses for GOD then, just as you have for men, now?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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