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Planetary Hospice Movement has much to learn from hospice & the secrets of dying

A dear friend I met through hospice bereavement work some years ago sent me this powerful quote through Facebook the other day. It is entitled A Planetary Hospice Movement:

"More recently, the advent of hospice and palliative care has empowered individuals to find meaning in death, creating an intentional space for the natural goodness and tenderness of the dying and their extended families to surface and to define the passage into the unknown themselves. If we are able to apply the same principles at a societal scale, then ecopsychologists and planetary thanatologists can become the kinds of spiritual midwives that will be needed to transform the planetary death/rebirth process from a painful dislocation rife with suffering and regret into a healing process for both the human race and the Earth itself -- even into a Great Awakening."

—Zhiwa Woodbury is a longtime dharma practitioner, hospice provider & environmental attorney.

See this link for an abstract of Woodbury's article and more on his work related to "Work that Reconnects".

This statement reminded me of what I've been saying for some years now: Our whole society and world, indeed Mother Earth herself, is going through a kind of hospice - death, rebirth, and transformation - experience and could learn from the "secrets of hospice" or the secrets of the dying at this time. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all currently in the midst of dying to the old so that we can open up to the many new possibilities which are opening up before our eyes! It's a powerful transformation time all over planet earth.

Relatedly, here's a book you might take a look at: Collapsing Consciously: Transformative Truths for Turbulent Times (Sacred Activism). It is by Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. Here is a brief summary of the book which is available through Amazon:

"A collection of probing essays and weekly meditations, this book addresses how to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the impending collapse of industrial civilization. Author Carolyn Baker offers wisdom, inspiration, and a sense of spiritual purpose for anyone who is concerned about the daunting future humankind has created."

Another link you might have a look at is the one related to the relatively new organization, especially for baby boomers: Death Over Dinner, founded by Michael Hebb of Seattle, WA. Some interesting things are happening - and transforming - around death in the U.S., and all over the world these days. Most exciting!!!

To our Health, Wealth, and Healing Transformation on planet Earth, Maria Dancing Heart~~~

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