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Do We Expect to Reap Where We Have Not Sown?

Sowing and Reaping
Sowing and Reaping
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 35:30 – 36:7
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayakhel,” “And he assembled”

Today’s reading begins with Moses/Moshe speaking to the Israelites of GOD’s selection of Betzalel and Oholiav as the ones HE has given Divine Wisdom in the planning of all HE has ordered.

These two men have received from GOD Divine Wisdom, talent and gifting’s to complete all GOD has ordered and to teach others needed to assist them.

These people are all called by GOD, volunteering to come forward, taking the donations from the Israelites to complete the sacred task.

Soon these same people come to Moshe, leaving their work, to inform him, the people have brought more than is needed for the work GOD has commanded.

Moshe gives the order for the people to cease bringing offerings for the work, yet they still have an excess of materials needed.

These scriptures have so much in them to teach us concerning working within our ability, within our skill set and within our community.

GOD had appointed two men which HE had given specific wisdom in all things needed to complete the work HE had ordered.

GOD also gifted these men with the ability to teach others needed to come along side and assist them in the completion of what HE had ordered.

There continues to be a theme here of GOD giving wisdom to leaders, not for the sole purpose of their leadership but for the purpose of their training up others to work along side them in the fulfillment of GOD’s purpose.

Many times we, as the congregation, rely on others to do what needs to be done in our tabernacles.

We just assume these things get taken care of since all we see is the finished product or outcome.

Little do we realize just what we are missing out on by showing up, enjoying, taking part in all that is finished, but not having been a part of the process of fulfilling GOD’s order.

Throughout scripture we read of GOD giving gifts, talents, wisdom and knowledge to certain people not for their own purpose or to blow up their ego,but for the fulfillment of GOD’s Divine Will.

HE also gives them “associates” to come along beside them to support them, to assist them, to keep them grounded even, while doing GOD’s Will.

How have we become so selfish and lazy in doing GOD’s Will?

Certainly it is our desire to fulfill the Will of GOD not only in our lives but in our very community.

Why then, do we simply sit on our hands, enjoying the end result of work having been done by others, but not putting our hands to work?

We brag about GOD sending us here, and telling us to share that, and having opportunities to go to this place and that place, yet what good are we if we have no place in our own tabernacle?

The order of GOD is that all have part in the fulfillment of HIS Will for HIS people, all of HIS people.

Why do we believe and expect a chosen few to do everything needed?

How do we come into the finished product expecting a blessing from something we have given nothing?

The law of sewing and reaping requires a seed planted to gain or reap a harvest.

How can we expect a blessing, a harvest, from something we’ve put not seed, sacrifice or offering into?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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