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Do We Appreciate Classical Music More As We Grow Older?

Does music have value?

What is the value of music? As we experience music of all types, we contemplate the possible reasons for listening and experiencing different types of music. Does a Beethoven Symphony have the same worth as Katy Perry’s Firework? If the purpose of music is to evoke emotion then it depends on the listener. Some listeners may experience an extreme thrill when listening to the relatively simple chord progressions of a typical rock band. Others may even admire music that is considered “atmospheric” and has no distinct melody, but if it draws on their emotions then the music has value to them.

What happens to our view on “value” as we grow older?

As most people grow older, it would seem that they have more appreciation for certain works. In the current day, a focus shifts from the quick produced hip-hop tracks, to creations that require more craft and time to perfect. It is not to say that 2Chainz doesn’t use a certain amount of craft to produce his hits; It is just important to highlight the time and thought put into some other works. A child and his family once visited the Grand Canyon on a road trip out west. In their first day of hiking, his family took a trail leading about halfway to the bottom of the canyon. As he prepared to ascend back to the top, he challenged his brother to see how fast they could hike back to the top. As he raced back up, he looks back at his parents, enjoying the view and beauty of the canyon. The Grand Canyon took nearly 17 million years to form, and all the child wanted to was race back up to the top. Our taste in music is similar. The youthful generation in the world is always interested in the speed in which music can be performed, produced, and listened to. After discovering a love for classical music it is certain the child would stop to admire the beauty of the canyon the next time his family visits.

Does classical music have more value to us as we grow older?

Yes. It typically does. When you look at a composer such as Beethoven, he spent the years from 1804-1808 to write his famous 5th Symphony. On this day, February 4, 2013, Justin Bieber has only been a pop star for only one more year than that. As teenagers, it is nearly impossible to truly understand the work and dedication that was required for Beethoven to write such a masterpiece, yet Justin Bieber’s fast produced hits are easily relatable. Not to say that older people cannot enjoy an upbeat pop chart, they simple are more ready to appreciate a work that took a lifetime on work to be able to produce. This concept applies to many more masterpieces in the classical world and many more modern hits in today’s world.

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