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Do We Accept or Refuse?

Accept or Refuse?
Accept or Refuse?
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Leviticus 3:1 - 17
The Third Book of the Torah, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called.”
This weeks reading is, “Vayikra,” “And HE Called”

We continue reading today of GOD speaking to Moses/Moshe concerning sacrifices.

If the sacrifice is to be a Peace Offering unto GOD from the cattle, it may be an unblemished male or female.

One must press their hands upon the head of the sacrifice, have it slaughtered at the entrance of the Communion Tent and the priest will dash it’s blood on the sides of the altar.

The portion of the peace offerings that must be presented as a fire offering to GOD must in clue the layer of fat covering and attached to the stomachs., the kidneys and the fat along the flanks and the lobe over the liver near the kidneys.

This is an acceptable offering, a “appeasing fragrance” unto GOD.

If one’s sacrifice for a peace offering is taken from the smaller animals, it may also be an unblemished male or female animal, again taken in the same process as the cattle.

The choicest parts of these smaller animals will be used for the burnt offering along with the fat covering the stomachs and all other fat attached to the stomachs, the kidneys, the fat on them along the flanks and the lobe over the liver near the kidneys. Just as with the cattle.

The priest shall burn them on the altar to be consumed as a fire offering to GOD.

All the prescribed internal fat belongs to GOD, therefore it shall be an eternal law, for all your generations, you are not to eat any internal fat, normally sacrificed, nor any blood, no matter where you may live.

Once again we read of GOD’s grace allowing for peace offerings to be made unto HIM.

Not only is HE prescribing peace offerings but doing so in the way of any availability of offering someone may have or wish to sacrifice.

HE has taken into consideration all the people, their status, financial ability and their desire to sacrifice to HIM.

HE has made a way for anyone to make sacrifice regardless of their status economically or socially.

It seems as though GOD has taken into account everyone’s place in society, leaving no one out, giving instructions that allow for anyone and everyone to participate in the sacrifices unto HIM.

HE has not created limits or standards of sacrifice so only the elite may participate, HE has made it available to everyone.

HE has also shown us through these instructions that not everyone is meant to be wealthy, nor is everyone meant to be in poverty.

HE has instructed our ways concerning slavery, and now allows for even the poorest to come before HIM with an acceptable sacrifice.

How can we continue to place GOD in a position of blessing everyone to be wealthy and influential when this is obviously not something GOD has ordained?

Why do we insist on placing our own ideals on GOD by distorting HIS word or using only what inspires us as opposed to the entirety?

When we only take the partial Word and discredit the remainder, we are also discrediting GOD!

HIS Torah, the instructions of GOD, are the words directly from HIS Mouth to Moshe. How can we discredit any of these words, at any time?

HE has prescribed the instructions by which we live IF we choose to be HIS people.

Why is this so difficult, so foreign, so immaterial to modern life?

These are incredibly important questions to answer today. The answer is very simple, is it not?

When will we make the choice to see GOD for who HE is and not for who we want?

When will we choose to go ALL IN with HIM, leaving our beliefs behind and taking up HIS Word?

How can we possibly know the GOD of Abraham and not reinvent our lives to fall into line with HIS Word?

Who are you truly serving, the GOD of Israel or the god yourself?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum, HERE.

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