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Do voters or Lansing live in a fantasy world?

The Michigan State Senate has refused, for now, to increase gas taxes to pay for road repair. What can this tell us about politics?

A lot, and very little. That the state needs to do something about its roads is obvious. But getting a legislature to do anything is as tedious as it is difficult.

The main problem seems to be that two different bills, one supporting a property tax credit while the other would raise gas taxes, are tied together. One can't pass without the other. Why? Ostensibly to get bipartisan support on both issues.

It all sound like stone soup. But the problem is that stone soup doesn't work without willing cooperation along with a bit of sleight of hand. It is a fantasy world scenario; yet we live in a real world. Real worlds almost by their nature don't support fantasies.

What we have here is a group of folks trying to satisfy everybody in a situation where not everyone will be satisfied. The real answer is for the majority to use its power to get something done as in the best interests of their constituents. Seeing as the GOP controls Michigan government, it should be that hard to get something done, especially as the will of the people of Michigan seems clear, considering that the Republicans are a majority of everyone in Lansing.

Wait a minute...maybe we, the supporters of the Republican Party, are the ones living in a dream world.

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