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Do vaccinated children have higher risk for diseases?

Learn what is those vaccines before you leap
Learn what is those vaccines before you leap
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Alternative views on children's vaccinations and long term health risks.

Mainstream media feeds on fear and disaster. Mainstream medicine makes a lot of money in childhood vaccinations. Children today receive more vaccinations before they are four years old than ever before. Concern about injecting drugs, pathogens and heavy metals into an infant's developing immune system reasonably creates cause for concern. If the immune system does not develop normally, how can it fend off disease and infections later in life.

Over 20 years ago, Neil Z Miller, a medical journalist from NM,, began investigating childhood vaccines. What most parents do not know caused serious concern.

Think Twice,, provides educational resources on vaccines, and frequently asked questions. Look at the sites for information that will expand your understanding of what is involved in making decisions regarding vaccinations.

More research demonstrates on the increased difficulties for immune system adequate response after vaccinations.

Perhaps the question is not whether non-vaccinated children pose a threat to their community, but are vaccinated children at higher risk for increased chronic debilitating conditions?

If you have questions about whether to vaccinate your child or not, review the article below by Mothering Magazine, a New Mexican publication, make an appointment with Daniel Cobb, D.o.m. in Santa Fe NM, or contact the Albuquerque Natural Health Center in Albuquerque NM.

Finally, remember you can choose vaccines that you feel you want and perhaps not others. You may opt for fewer vaccinations at one time, and delay others. However before you choose any vaccination, educate yourself on ingredients and composition, possible contraindications and overall health consequences for your child.

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