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Do Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans Exist?

Shopping for cell phones? There are a plethora of unlimited plans. Unfortunately, infinite data does not come included in unlimited data, nor does unlimited data come with unlimited plans. Many cell phone companies will tell you it is unlimited, but once you get a notice or are cancelled by your provider, you learn differently.

The most notable of providers comes from your local Walmart. Straight talk is anything but straight unless you read the fine print. You are allowed 3 GB of data at high speed and then your data speed is reduced for the remainder of the month. Straight Talk will even cancel your plan if they feel you use to much data. WOW.

This is not an abnormal practice by any means. Any good lawyer will tell you the commas separate the words and the unlimited only applies to talk. There are plenty of other providers who are starting to use the same wording.

Boost Mobile has a prepaid cell phone where there is no contract, no commitment. There unlimited talk, text, and data plans start with 500mb of data. That's something to be unimpressed with. In the age of technology, one would think data would be a little less expensive and a lot easier to acquire. So far the fine print I have been reading, I have not seen where they will cancel you. Honestly, looking at their coverage area you probably wouldn't be able to get a signal, much less be able to download that much data in the time you are in a good area.

I realize AT&T is much more expensive, but at least they will not cancel you. They are honest enough to make you pay upfront for a particular amount of data. Then, you can use it and buy more if you need it. Nothing hidden in that motto.

Unlimited talk exists. Unlimited texts exist. Now only if the unlimited data existed. I believe it does not.

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