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Do this before praying for someone to be blessed

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It is so easy to pray, "God bless the homeless." "God bless the sick." "God bless my son who is on drugs." "God bless . . . " "God bless. . ." "God bless..."

First of all, God's people are already blessed because God created everyone in His own image. People's problems are not that they are not blessed. Their problem is that they don't know that they are blessed and do not live according to God's promises of blessings. Instead of praying that someone be blessed, learn what blessing applies to a particular situation and pronounce that blessing instead of requesting it. God has already given us every blessing we could ever need.

Secondly, praying that God will bless people while they are in their negative condition is not biblical or wise. If a person is homeless and you say, "God bless this homeless person" you are blessing the person in that negative condition. If your friend is sick and afflicted and you say, "God bless my sick friend" you are asking God to bless that person in that unhealthy condition.

Let's see how Jesus did it and learn from his examples. Jesus never pronounced a blessing on a person while he or she was in a negative condition. Every single example of Jesus healing the sick, binding up the brokenhearted, casting out demons, or raising the dead, he did it first and then pronounced an already established blessing on them.

When did he pronounce a blessing on the woman with the issue of blood? When did he pronounce a blessing on the ten lepers? When did he pronounce a blessing on the blind man? When did he pronounce a blessing on the demonic boy? Jesus took care of all these situations and then He pronounced blessings on them and sent them on their way. The pronouncement of the blessing came only after Jesus had taken care of their needs. We tend to skip this step and quickly ask God to bless someone.

Stop being so hasty to request a generic blessing on people. Stop being so hasty to ask God to bless people in negative conditions. Preach good news to the poor, proclaim freedom to the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, and release to the oppressed (Luke 4:18). Then and only then should you pronounce an already established blessing on them.