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Do these three things and piss off a progressive--and save the world

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Life is really quite simple.

Progressives and intellectual elites, along with people who sell complex ideologies--those which chain people to entitlements, governments, and false gods--want you to think that life is complex, and that without their great genius you, or I, could never survive.


Life is as simple as faith or doubt. (*Faith is not from effort...but from God's free grace)

Notice, I didn't say life was easy! Far from it. Life is very hard, most of the time. But it is very simple, nonetheless. Life is breathing and moving and growing as children. Life is immaturity, slightly shrinking, from conception to death. Life is competition, squabbles, imperfection, experimentation, and occasional compassion and forgiveness.

Life is human animals, acting like animals, occasionally elevated by the Spirit within.

So, quite simply, three things will simultaneously piss off the elites while saving the world (from them!).

"...John baptized with a baptism of repentance..." Acts 19:1-8

St Paul correctly taught the Ephesians that St John the Baptist's baptism was a preparatory 'baptism' for the fullness of immersion in God through the Cross and the Blood of Jesus Christ. So a necessary step, simple in fact, yet difficult in action, is repentance. If we would repent every day, and return to Jesus Christ, imagine how that would effect the world for the better. Imagine how life would get better through simple faith, through the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our consciences, while simultaneously destroying the worldly wisdom of the spiritually dead intellectual elites.

Wouldn't this simple step cause a revolution?

"The father of orphans and the defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling. God gives a home to the forsaken; he leads forth prisoners to prosperity." Psalm 68:2-7

It's high time we stop putting our trust in socialists and secularists and diva's and lords and pop stars and monopoly kings and queens. It's high time we put our trust in the only Father who will never disappoint us. It's high time we put our trust back in the Merciful Father.

It's high time we disavow the 'father of lies,' and put our trust in the Father of Jesus Christ.

"In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” John 16:29-33

Yet, what really pisses off progressives, intellectual elites, and tyrants, is courage!

Think about it! Materialists intimidate us with the thought of not having the latest toy. Atheists try to intimidate us with the thought of a pointless life. Socialists and secularist try to intimidate us with PC, and the false-necessity of being part of the pop/political landscape. But it's all bogus! They're all paper tigers.

Jesus Christ, through His Cross, teaches us that all the world can do is intimidate through various crosses. But, ultimately, the world cannot conquer the Love of His Resurrection and Life. So if you really want to change the world--in true Christian change--and really piss off a few elites, and tyrants, take courage in the Love of Christ, and live fully in Jesus, dying to their world.

For when you die to their world, their power fades.