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Do these Dolce glasses look good on me? - Try on designer sunglasses from home


Snapshot of the FrameFinder Virtual Try On System

I remember my first pair of sunglasses. My mother bought my sister and I our very own pairs of kiddie Foster Grant round tortoise frames. I wore those things to death – playground, store, beach, church. Once in a while I would trade off and wear her oversized Christian Diors on my little head - much to her horror. It was the beginning of my lifelong obsession with shades. (On an aside, I still have those kiddie glasses. Once a year, I shove the tiny sunglasses onto my big noggin in an attempt to complete my retro 70’s outfit for Halloween.) 

If you yearn to own a brand new pair of designer specs every season as I do, fret not fellow Fashionistas, there is now a way to try on as many as you would like without getting your Manolos tattered. has come up with a “FrameFinder Virtual Try on System.” Simply upload a photo of yourself, follow the software instructions’ minor tweaks, and then PRESTO – you can see yourself in a variety of looks from the store’s inventory. You can try on prescription frames as well. The system was virtually painless. I did have to convert my snapshot of choice to a jpeg in order for it to be accepted (it did state it would take a bitmap). But soon after, I was happily clicking away at my specs of choice. As a bonus, you receive $10 towards purchase for trying out the system. The site encourages visitors to share their results (fashionable or ridiculous) a la Facebook or Flickr. Fabulous.

So, go on…load that Facebook profile pic and start trying on some shades. You know you want to see what you look like in Lady Gaga shields. You have just been too afraid to do so at Saks…next to that crowded entrance…that is always flushed with foreign tourists snapping away at every American-esque tourist-y sight they see. This way you can do it from home and laugh at yourself…alone. Happy sunglass shopping!