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Do the Raiders want to demolish Coliseum?

The Raiders have different plans for the Coliseum
The Raiders have different plans for the Coliseum
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

We recently reported that the A's had come to an agreement with the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority to remain in Oakland for another 10 years, but according to ESPN, the Raiders are reportedly in talks to have Coliseum demolished in order to build a new stadium.

The stadium, which is home to both the Raiders and the A's, is the only facility left that houses both an NFL and MLB team, but while the A's are looking to upgrade the stadium, the Raiders would allegedly prefer that the place turn into rubble.

"It will be critical to demolish the existing stadium in 2015" if the project is to be finished on time, Coliseum City attorney Zachary Wasserman said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle in a memo to Oakland mayor Jean Quan and City Administrator Henry Gardner.

The stadium of course, is under the control of the Coliseum Authority, so the Raiders couldn't just have the place torn down without approval.

"This is either smoke and mirrors, or they're on crack," proclaimed Nate Miley, who is the chairman of the Coliseum Authority.

Despite the Raiders' preference of a new stadium, they have been the one team in Oakland who haven't mentioned a desire to move elsewhere, with the A's previously looking to make the move to San Jose, and the Warriors already planning a move to San Francisco. The Raiders, who already left once in 1982 to play in Los Angeles, returned in 1995 after the Coliseum underwent modification (ie. Mount Davis).

"From our position, we just don't think that [Raiders project] is going to happen -- we are betting it doesn't," A's vice president Ken Pries told the Chronicle, per ESPN.

The A's, while having agreed on a new 10-year lease, also do have an out clause in the contract, which would left them leave (giving a 2-year notice) if the Raiders put down a deposit for a new stadium.

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