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Do Speaker Pelosi's words suggest the will of the people?

House Speaker Pelosi
House Speaker Pelosi
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

This past weekend House Speaker Pelosi commented on the necessity of passing “health care” for the American people. Her choice of words reveals a misunderstanding of her position as a representative of the people.

A transcript of an interview Pelosi gave to ABC News shows in stark, glaring clarity that she sees herself and her cohorts in DC as wiser than the “common man” and must do on our behalf that which extends beyond our sphere of understanding.

“We’re here to do the job for the American people” states Pelosi (emphasis added). What seems lost on the Speaker is that she was elected to do the will of the people, not to do for the people something a decided majority does not want. That’s what being a representative of the people means, doing what the people want and nothing else.

Pelosi’s attitude is a classic example of the attitude of many representatives and senators in Washington today. It is the attitude of the career politician. Theirs is the idea that they’re better educated and wiser than those they represent. In many instances the representatives deem themselves better judges of the needs of people they’ve never met, do not know the circumstances of, and are, in most cases, living thousands of miles away from, and in an entirely different culture.

When politicians like Speaker Pelosi determine your needs, it’s a sure bet you’ve lost freedom and that’s never a good thing. Either they’re telling you that you need a certain entitlement and it’ll cost you “x” amount to be deducted from your paycheck, or they’re telling you, as recent proposals suggest, that you must buy an insurance policy that has minimum requirements that may not apply to your circumstance. Either way you lose freedom; the freedom to do with your own resources what is in your own best interest.

In a recent press conference, Pelosi rightly called the “nuclear option” a “simple majority”, but that simple majority does not reflect the will of the people. What she is suggesting is allowing a simple majority in the legislature to urinate on the will of a simple majority of the people. This attitude flies in the face of our Founder’s intent and cannot be considered representative government.

The time for true change is upon us and it’s up to us to implement that change.


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