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Do something nice for your father on Father's Day

A place to go to drive Go Karts and t play miniture golf on Father'\s Day.
Sidney Drabkin

While eating in a restaurant with a group of friends and discussing Father's Day, one said:

"When I got up one morning in June, I was surprised to find on a table, in the room, close to the bed, a cup of coffee, scramble eggs, and the Sunday newspaper. Happy Father's Day, my wife and little daughter yelled, with big smiles on their faces."

"I, usually, get up around 9:00am. My wife wakes me up to do work around the house on Sundays." another person said. "She did not wake me up this one Sunday."

"It has been years since I played miniature golf," said one of the men after sipping a cup of coffee. "My daughter, her friend, and her three children took me to "Boomers", a recreation area in Livermore, CA, to drive go karts and to play miniature golf on Father's Day last year."

Father's Day in the United States takes place on the third Sunday in June. These fathers spent the day in an inexpensive way: breakfast in bed, a no work day, and a game day with his daughter and grandchildren.

You do not have to load your father down with presents to show your love for him, just do something nice for him and he will love you too.

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