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Do skinny miracles exist? Face it, there is no magic diet pill

No magic diet pill exists.  D.I.E.T. works.  D_edication, I_nformation, E_xercise, T_ime and Effort
No magic diet pill exists. D.I.E.T. works. D_edication, I_nformation, E_xercise, T_ime and Effort
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It seems that the airwaves are bombarded by infomercials of mystical diets, street dancing and kick boxing for fitness, ultimate fighter like cardio workouts, friends and family gym memberships (which means you actually have to get there), home gym’s that fold up neatly under a bed or closet. Let us not forget, the magic diet pill that promises weight loss while sleeping. Health is on its way via priority shipping!

The gym equipment is given a couple of weeks of attention then finds a permanent space tucked away. Moving furniture and sweating on your carpet outweighs working out to DVD’s. DVD’s become entertainment “with” a meal which is finished up with a diet soft drink. As blood rushes into our stomachs to digest our food, we feel lethargic and sleepy and pop a magic diet pill that promises us “skinny” in the morning.

Face it. There is no magic pill. To get healthy and fit, start with diet and exercise. A great way to start is to fire up your metabolism with diet and hydration.

Start here:

  1. • Get a daily calendar or journal that has a time schedule
  2. • Starting at 6a, drink your first 8 to 12 ounces of water, hydrate first
  3. • At 7a, begin with your first meal (breakfast). Think low sugar, low fat, high protein, use your palm as a serving size gauge.
  4. • At 8a, drink again
  5. • At 9a, your second meal should be a small snack. Fruit works, protein shake. *Remember low sugar at all times.  Sugar turns to fat.
  6. • At 10a, drink again
  7. • At 11:30a, your third meal (lunch) should be protein and greens. Try to cut carbs.
  8. • At 1p, drink again
  9. • At 2p, your fourth meal should be another small snack. Low to no sugar snack.
  10. • At 3p, drink again
  11. • At 4p, your fifth meal is another snack. Keep thinking healthy.
  12. • At 5p, drink again
  13. • At 6p, your sixth meal (dinner), similar to lunch. Low carb intake a must.
  14. • At 7p, drink again

Add this up, you will drink a minimum of 60 ounces of water, 90 is ideal. Your body will have been fueled from the small meals and your metabolism will begin to burn more efficiently. Add in a 20 minute walk to start. Keep this up for at least a month, then up the ante. Get with a weight training program, coupled with your diet and watch the pounds come off!

Face it. There is no magic pill.


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