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Do Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster agree with Reid that Americans are liars?

Today on the Senate floor Majority leader Harry Reid actually had the nerve to say that Americans coming out with horror stories about Obamacare are all liars. Apparently the 5 million people who lost their health plans they liked are liars. Apparently the cancer patients who had to change doctors and hospitals during treatment thanks to Obamacare are liars. Do Senator Shaheen and Representative Shea-Porter, who both voted for Obamacare, agree with Reid? Does Representative Kuster, who supports Obamacare, agree with Reid?

Harry Reid to Americans - LIARS!

Do any of these Democrats, who support Obamacare care that 22,000 Granite Staters lost health insurance plans they liked thanks to Obamacare? How about the people who lose their doctors and the hospitals they can go to thanks to Obamacare? Both Shaheen and Shea-Porter knew people would be hurt by Obamacare. None of the Democrats representing New Hampshire have held real town halls. Neither Shaheen nor Shea-Porter has apologized for their lies telling Granite Staters that they could keep their plans if they liked their plans. Neither Shaheen nor Shea-Porter has bothered to talk with their constituents to see how much they have been hurt or helped by Obamacare.

The majority of New Hampshire voters have been against Obamacare since the very beginning. That number has only grown and has not altered. Shaheen and Shea-Porter ignored the majority of voters when they shoved Obamacare through the legislature. They continue to ignore voters by not holding real town halls where voters can tell them exactly what they think about Obamacare. It seems that Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster would agree with Harry Reid because they continually ignore voters and simply to what their political party tells them to do. It’ll be interesting if they call out Reid for his vile treatment of Americans who have been seriously hurt by Obamacare. Most likely they’ll remain silent and ignore their New Hampshire constituents as they have for months now.

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