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Do Seventh-day Advenists Realize that they Got Christmas from the Sun-god?


  • xexon 5 years ago

    All religions are composed of bits and pieces of the religons that came before them. Not a one of them is anything new.

    Maybe we should send everybody a copy of Zeitgeist for Christmas?


  • rgirard 5 years ago

    Zeitgeist is full of errors

    Christmas is definitely more cultural than Christian. Did you notice any Christian cars in that SDA school parking lot? They probably drive the same cars pagans drive, but let's hope the music they listen to while driving, and how they drive, is greatly influenced by the love of Christ ... just like their celebration of Christmas.

  • Jesse Sellers (Columbia SC Biblical Studies Examiner) 5 years ago

    While you're busy NOT celebrating Christmas, please explain why the angels at Jesus's birth DID celebrate it! Not only did they celebrate His birth, they encouraged the shepherds to do so as well. In fact, the very stars apparently encouraged the celebration of His birth, leading the magi to celebrate His birth as well. Incidentally, the Scriptures aren't critical of the magi, shepherds, or angels for celebrating His birth, are they?

  • Profile picture of Bob Thiel
    Bob Thiel 5 years ago

    While God had the angels announce Jesus' birth, no early Christians ever celebrated it. Thus, they did not believe that they should. This should be a message to those who wish to interpret Christianity in the 21st century differently from those who did in the 1st and 2nd centuries. And of course, no one used Christmas trees, wreaths, etc.

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