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Do Sacramento or world black cultures generally bring each other up or down?

Research is currently being conducted to answer the question of whether or not black cultures generally bring each other down.

The phrase, "bring each other down" in this analysis, is specific to behavior that is either facilitative or debilitative.

Facilitative behavior is behavior that promotes optimal health and wellness of individuals. In this study, analysis of interpersonal behavior in the work-place as well as interpersonal behavior in all aspects of life are examined.

Here are some of the questions asked that facilitate the examination:

1. Are black cultures likely to share knowledge of resources with one another? Or, are black cultures more likely to remain silent or hide helpful resource information from each other?

2. In the work place, are black cultures more likely to inhibit healthy professional growth of other blacks? Or, are black cultures more likely to promote healthy professional growth of other blacks.

3. Are black cultures accepting of behaviors they deem as foreign to their culture when they see those foreign behaviors in other blacks? Or, are blacks offended when they see behaviors they deem "foreign" in other blacks. Foreign behaviors might be vocabulary, attire, demeanor, music preference, voice tone, religious preference, political preference, level of tolerance, level of empathy, level of extroversion, level of introversion, learning style, knowledge base, level of subservience, level of self-disclosure, etc.

4. How do blacks view one another as a potential life partner? Are the expecations the same or different?

5. How do black women view their beauty personally and interpersonally when they see other black women?

This list of analysis will continue to be populated. Please send in your analytical suggestions for this examination.

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