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Do's and don'ts of safe & healthy travels

 Safe Driving
Safe Driving
Evie Dawson

Safe driving on the road not only ensures your safety but your family’s as well. The modern sophisticated wheels can sometimes be ruthless. In order to avoid any perils, always keep your car in top form and follow the rules necessary to avoid a ticket or a life threatening incident.

Below is a list of all the important does and don’ts that are necessary for driving safely on the road.

1. Always wear your seat belt.
2. Follow the speed limits.
3. Be generous towards the pedestrians – give them right-of-way.
4. Keep a spare tire in the car for emergency situations. Make sure it is in good condition.
5. Even if you have planned your route and studied it well, keep a map or atlas in case you may need it.
6. Always follow the maintenance schedule of the car as prescribed by the automaker. Take the car for mechanic services to places like the ones you have in Thomas town.
7. Pay parking tickets or traffic tickets on time.
8. Be polite towards your fellow drivers.
9. Check tires, brake pads, lights and oil regularly.
10. Be aware of the noises and any strange development coming out of the car.
11. Keep a check on any latest driving rule amendment.
12. Always use a turn signal.
13. Always use indicators even if there is no one visible.
14. Blow horn to inform others on the road that you are coming to a blind corner.
15. Wear sunglasses on a bright sunny day.
16. Always keep a safe distance from the car ahead.
17. Use hand brake.
18. Keep moving your eyes to keep a check on your surroundings.
19. Use tested car seats for your kids and install them properly.
20. Always keep an emergency kit for bad weather conditions and a first-aid kit in the car.
21. Lastly, listen to nice soothing music that helps you concentrate on driving.

1. Don’t get too close to other vehicles.
2. Don’t make any unsafe modifications. Consult an expert if you wish too.
3. Turn off the phones to avoid any distraction
4. Don’t drive in poor light conditions such as fog. Drive slowly and be careful.
5. Don’t drive if you are tired or under the spell of a medication that stimulates drowsiness.
6. If driving long distances, do take a break after every two hours or 100 miles. A sudden breakdown may land you in places like car repair service Thomas town.
7. Keep your eyes on the road even if you are talking to the other person in the car.
8. Do not overtake on the highway or if at all you have to, overtake only vehicle one at a time.
9. Do not fret over other drivers. This may affect your concentration and hence driving.
10. Do not brake unexpectedly if there is any sudden acceleration loss or something else.
11. Don’t overtake from the wrong side.
12. Don’t eat, change clothes or apply make-up while driving.
13. Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs when you have to drive.
14. Don’t leave valuables in the car especially at places they are visible.
15. Most importantly, don’t drive a car you feel uncomfortable driving.

Hopefully, you will keep these points in mind to be safe and sound on the road.

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