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Do's and don'ts of contour makeup

Kim Kardashian Contour
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all lately, you’re already aware of the beauty trend that is taking the nation by storm: contouring. Mere mortals finally have access to the makeup secrets of flawless-looking celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. But, where to begin this tricky beauty endeavor? Follow these do’s and don’ts to learn how to contour like a pro:

Do: moisturize before and after

Contouring is all about blending. So, before applying an ounce of makeup, make sure you moisturize. In addition to moisturizing before, apply a finishing spray after you’ve contoured to perfection. Just be sure to choose your moisturizer based on your skin type, not a celebrity recommendation. You don’t need to spend $40 on a quality moisturizer.

Don’t: start with eye-makeup

This one may still be up for debate, but there is one key component to contouring that necessitates eye-makeup last: concealer. Concealer should be applied very liberally to give you a smooth complexion, and already having eye-makeup on makes this a more daunting task. When you are ready for eye-makeup, especially eye-shadow, just hold a tissue under your eye to catch any extra color from falling onto your face.

Do: use cream foundation

Cream foundation is optimal for contouring because it’s great for blending. It also delivers a solid amount of coverage without looking blotchy or oily. Liquid foundation works too, but is just a little more difficult to blend. Whichever you choose, either of these options will give you great overall coverage and an immaculate finish.

Don’t: get frustrated

Contouring is an art that may take some time to master. If you don’t get it the first time around, don’t be scared to try again! There are plenty of YouTube videos you can use for reference. You can even head into a store like Sephora or MAC Cosmetics to get some guidance. No matter what, contouring is something you can master with just a little practice!

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