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Do opposites really attract...part two


In my last article, I discussed psychologists view on whether or not opposites really do attract.  The general conclusion? Don't go for someone who has your exact same personality traits and do run after someone who is your total opposite.  If you want a relationship to work and last, go for someone who compliments you. Someone who brings out the best in you and limits the worst. Who makes your good days even better and your bad days starry and bright.  No matter what people say-we not that scenario is not a reality. We'll be a neat freak and fall for a slob.  He'll be a sports freak and fall for a vegan artist.  So, what can you do when you're head over heels with your opposite and want it to last? Read on!

You're democrat, he's republican: Politics can be a hot-bottom issue with anyone, whether you're in a relationship with them or not.  Dr. Bethany Marshall says, "People get passionate about politics.  And for many, the topic shapes their entire worldview, which is why couples who support different parties may argue more than others."  So what can we do?  Try to understand their point of view by asking nonjudgmental questions. if that doesn't work, agree to disagree and both decide to leave politics out of your daily discussions. A study done by the University of Michigan showed that the more comfortable couples are disagreeing, the more secure they feel with each other.  

You like to stay home, he likes to party. It can be frustrating for both people in a relationship when one wants to come home and go to sleep while the other wants to come home, grab a beer then go out. What you need to do is try to figure out a way to combine your low key attitude with his outgoing streak. Dr. Marshall suggests inviting a few couples over for cocktails.  That enables you to be social while surrounded by the comforts of home. You could also try alternating nights out and nights in so you're both content and satisfied.  On nights when you're burnt out, suggest he has a guys nights out while you stay in and watch a DVD.  There's no need to spend every waking moment together!

You're a spender, he's a saver.  Money has been known to be one of the biggest deal breakers in a serious relationship.  How much to save, how much to spend.  What to do with your money? Do you vacation a lot or save it for retirement?  The options are endless when it comes to cash flow.  How can you compromise?  Psychologist, Dr. Janice Bennett suggest for both of you to be cost conscious when you want to buy something big, like a car.  Suggest purchasing a used vehicle instead of new one, that way you get to spend while he saves.  Or do as most unmarried couples do-have separate bank accounts.  As always, compromise is the key.  

So ladies and gents, whether you're dating someone so similar to your personality they can be called your twin or your utter opposite, relationships can work as long as good communication and compromise are the key components to your daily routine with each other.