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Do Old-Fashioned marketing techniques still work?

Old-fashioned marketing can work if it reaches your target audience.
Old-fashioned marketing can work if it reaches your target audience.
Graphics courtesy of Jen Wolfe Creative

In this day and age of smart phones, blazing fast computers, online marketing and more, can old-fashioned marketing techniques still work? The answer is … yes, for the right company. Here are two small businesses who find their best marketing success comes the Old-Fashioned way.

Future Stars International Enterprises offers after-school, sports and summer camp progams for kids in the Northwest Valley in Phoenix. Their primary marketing efforts are rather old-fashioned, but bring fantastic success. The team hands out flyers in person at school events, as well as placing door hangers in targeted neighborhoods and flyers on the windshields of cars at the local schools.

The colorful, eye-catching flyers are designed specifically to target the kids (and their parents) who attend the schools where Future Stars offers after-school programs. Of course, the company has the permission of the schools to be at events to hand out their marketing materials.

Pool People AZ, a swimming pool maintenance and remodeling company, finds that door-to-door contact in the neighborhoods it services works incredibly well. When the pool technicians are done servicing a pool, they’ll often stop and knock on a few neighbors’ doors.

Of course, they use modern technology like Google maps first to make sure the neighbors have a pool. The technicians explain that they’ve been providing maintenance to the neighbor and ask if the homeowner has any pool maintenance or remodeling needs they can assist with. If the homeowner isn’t home, they drop a friendly flyer at the door listing their services.

The question becomes, can every small business take advantage of these old-fashioned marketing techniques? The answer is no. However, in this day and age of stiff competition, companies must find the most effective ways to reach their target audience.

Maybe that’s online with great Search Engine Optimization on their website. Maybe that’s through a social media campaign. Maybe it is through print advertising. Or maybe it is by taking a step back to when the world was a little less technically savvy and remembering that people still appreciate a personal approach.

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