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Do NY Rangers or LA Kings have hotter NHL ice girls in 2014?

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Do the New York Rangers or the Los Angeles Kings have hotter NHL ice girls in 2014? Check out the photos in the slideshow and judge for yourself. Ice girls are like cheerleaders in the NHL, only they actually do perform a service by removing ice shavings from the rink during breaks in action.

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The question, do the NY Rangers or the LA Kings have hotter ice girls in 2014?, is both relevant and sort of a trick question. The question is relevant because the New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings are facing each other for the Stanley Cup in 2014.

The question is also sort of a trick question because the New York Rangers got rid of their ice girls a few years ago. Nevertheless, I've included photos of NY Rangers City Skaters ice girls from when the Rangers did have ice girls in the accompanying slideshow.

Do NY Rangers or LA Kings have hotter NHL ice girls in 2014?

  • New York Rangers City Skaters

Up until a few years ago, the New York Rangers had ice girl cheerleaders called the New York Rangers City Skaters. In 2004, Courtney Prince, the former captain of the Rangers City Skaters filed a lawsuit against Madison Square Garden, the owner of the Rangers.

The lawsuit claimed that Courtney Prince was sexually harassed and fired for complaining about it. After MSG was ordered to pay $11.5 million in damages due to another sexual harassment suit filed by another employee that involved Isiah Thomas in 2007, the Garden settled with Courtney Prince for an undisclosed amount of money.

After the settlement with Courtney Prince, both sides said there was no admission of wrongdoing by either party. Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist has never been a fan of NHL ice girls, and in 2007, when a Islanders ice girl got too close to him while cleaning the ice, he slashed at her squeegee with his stick.

  • Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew

The LA Kings have ice girls called the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew. They are easily just about the hottest set of ice girls in the NHL (see photos).

The LA Kings Ice Crew girls are also extremely popular. They do an annual swimsuit calendar which sells out just about every year, and the girls do shows and events in the LA area too.

Even when the Rangers did have ice girls (check the photos), I would still say that the LA Kings Ice Crew girls were hotter. Hope you enjoy the photos in the slideshow, and good luck to both the Kings and the Rangers as they play for the 2014 Stanley Cup.