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Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Your Car Strut

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When we go for purchasing a car we often give more emphasis on the brand, look and sitting comfort of the vehicle. But mostly we happen to ignore the very important thing of the vehicle which is its ability to dampen the shocks and jerks which arises from driving over rough roads or from sudden bumps. In the cars this is done by the mechanisms called shock absorber and car strut. Your true driving comfort depends to a great extent on these mechanical things.

Prior to buying a car you should know about some basics regarding such aspects of the vehicle. There are vehicles which are simply allowed to run on the shock absorbers while in some cars struts are also provided in addition to the shocks. The car shocks are the parts of the suspension system which is the mechanical system that connects the car body with the chassis including the wheels. So whenever the wheels have to encounter bumpy and rough roads the suspension system protects the passengers from getting the jerks and shocks. Shocks are nothing but sets of springs which are able to absorb a significant portion of the jerks that the wheels are subjected to while travelling.

The struts on the other hand protect the vehicle from wobbling side wise while travelling on a bumpy road. The struts are also parts of the suspension system. The struts perform the following tasks.

  • It tends to dampen the oscillation of the springs enabling you to have a fair control over the vehicle while driving on rough roads.
  • It also absorbs a large part of the shocks and jerks which the wheels are subjected to during such rough drives.

Since your car is meant for travelling to far distances during holidaying and touring to different tourist destinations, it is quite likely that the car has to traverse through long terrains of muddy, bumpy and rough roads. Of course you cannot expect to get smooth roads of your liking in each and every place you tour. The car struts make it sure that you get the fullest comfort as well as full control over your vehicle even when the car has to deal with worst scenario.

But there are moments in your life when you find that your car struts are not working satisfactorily. The very common symptom which points towards faulty struts is when your car sways to the sides as and when you try to take turns. This is not at all comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers of the car as it brings a feeling as if the car is going to turn a turtle. The other symptom may be squatting of the rear end of the car when you try to accelerate the vehicle. In the reverse way when you try to decelerate or stop the vehicle the front end of the vehicle tries to dive. Sometimes even the chassis of your car will hit the tires whenever the car negotiates a bump. When you find these symptoms you should not delay in correcting the suspension shock and struts by a good mechanic.