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Do not take your child to the park without reading this: Warning!

(Alexandria, LA- Examiner)- Razor blades are being glued to playground equipment and there have been reports of injured children. Unfortunately, when something like this hits the news there is always a risk of a copycat occurrence.

Razor blades on park toys!
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It is vital that parents just check to make sure that no one has stolen the idea locally. We have to keep our children safe.

Anyone involved with or considering such acts needs to be made aware that a crime like this will have little leniency.

East Moline Police Capt. John Reynolds said is perfectly as he stated, "The seriousness of this is pretty evident," Reynolds told the paper. "Any time you put razor blades on playground equipment where children play, it's very serious. The way they were put on there shows someone wanted to do harm to a child."

More than one dozen razor blades were discovered at East Moline city park in a western Illinois community after t 2 year old was injured. Thankfully, it was not a serious injury.

No suspect has been caught at this point, but the investigation is ongoing.

When the suspect is caught they will face a Class X felony charge and may face up to 30 years in prison.

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