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Do not grow weary in well doing

It is difficult to maintain Christ-like behavior when bricks are being thrown at you.
It is difficult to maintain Christ-like behavior when bricks are being thrown at you.

What’s the point, right? One can easily grow tired of people acting like the south end of a north bound horse.

The frustrations of attempting to live a Christian life could make the most dedicated believer throw up their hands and exclaim, “What’s the use?”

However, the Biblical encouragement of not growing weary in well doing should remind those that the light about to break through the darkness will take place.

One of the most underplayed realities that are not given to Christian converts is the false assumption that everything will be peachy-keen once a decision to live for Christ is done. Nobody typically bothers to inform new believers that the enemy probably has installed a big industrial sized bulls-eye on their spiritual back.

The spirit of the anti-Christ has been at work since the ascension of Jesus which explains why things are waxing worse as detailed in the Bible. People are becoming more rude, crude , and lewd which is why the news being broadcast over different media vehicles is a testament to conditions that are deteriorating.

Anyone that has operated a motor vehicle for 30 plus years, and probably even less, can testify that inconsiderate, reckless, and just nasty attitudes have really increased over the years in the area of operating a motor vehicle.

It is not unusual to witness or experience red light running, the right of way not yielded, cars pulling out in front of you expecting you to change lanes or brake(my favorite), and a plethora of other maddening demonstrations that makes one want to lay hands on the offenders, in love of course.

Driving is just one small aspect of the widespread issues that practicing Christians must navigate through as the proverbial minefield. Compromising tenants of faith, dealing with dishonesty, being ostracized for Christian values, and dealing with ongoing false accusations are just a sampling of the persecution Jesus warned Christians would be facing.

Perhaps an excellent model for maintaining the faith in the face of adversity would be to inspect the life of Joseph from the Genesis account. A multitude of trouble came Joseph’s way from the time he was a small boy. His brothers sold him into slavery due to sibling rivalry. By following an honest work ethic he then assumed great responsibility in the house of Potiphar.

After rebuking the sexual advances of Potiphar’s wife, Joseph was falsely accused of attempted rape of Potiphar’s wife and was thrown into prison.

It seemed Joseph got into more trouble doing the right thing than he would have if he did the wrong thing. Joseph spent over 10-years in prison on a false charge. Even under these trying conditions, he kept his integrity and did not grow weary in well doing. In one day at an appointed time, God elevated Joseph from the jailhouse to the palace where he was second only to Pharaoh of Egypt.

A tough lesson is to keep doing good regardless if those spitefully use you. It is far too easy for one to cash out their ethics and follow the road of least resistance as many unfortunately do. The cost of doing so is more expensive than following the path of truth.

As the Bible states, “the way of the transgressor is hard”.

The precise wording of Galatians 6:9 according to the King James is “And let us not be weary in well doing: for I due season we shall reap, if we faint not”.

Some of the beneficial fruits of the Spirit from receiving the gifts are peace, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness, and temperance which would go far in being able to persevere through the issues that are guaranteed to plague any believer. Without the Spirit’s help, there is little chance in being able to keep a Christ-like nature.

Meekness does not mean weakness for it is a difficult thing not to give what a rude person deserves

Getting what you don’t deserve is what grace is all about.

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