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Do not get caught by this ‘Microsoft’ scam

The scam occurs on a telephone.
The scam occurs on a telephone.
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I am often at client sites and several clients in Northeast Ohio have shared this recent scam. I decided to share it with you, so that you could protect yourself and your computers against hackers.

The way the scam works, is like this. You get a phone call from a man purporting to be from Microsoft. (In every case it was a man, but it could be a woman.) Here it is a little fuzzy. They may say something like they are calling as a Microsoft Engineer – in other words, they imply a strong Microsoft connection. They tell you that there is a problem with your network or computer system. They ask for access to dial into the system to apply a patch or to correct a problem.

Do not give this person access. The only time you should consider giving Microsoft access is when you have an open case with Microsoft and are actively working on a problem. You will have called them and will be paying for this service.

Microsoft does not contact companies to apply patches or fix problems. For that matter, no company I know does this.

Many of you do have service providers that you allow to dial in to your computer to fix problems. That works well for both companies and service providers. However, these should be individuals you know and companies that you ask to perform these services. Never give access to your network or computer to someone that calls over the phone.

Fortunately, all of my clients refused the man access. Unfortunately, no one was able to identify the culprit in more detail.


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