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Do not drink the water in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo, Ohio

City officials in Toledo, Ohio have warned its residents that they are not to drink the water from their tap or even try to boil the water for purification. The warning which came on Saturday is for Toledo and nearby communities in Lucas County. The reason for the call to not drink any water is because dangerously high levels of toxic microcystins have been found in water samples, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Saturday.

A statement from the city of Toledo’s officials asserts that Lake Erie – a source of drinking water for the Toledo water system – may have been impacted by a harmful algal bloom. Again, boiling the tap water will not destroy the toxic microcystins according to city officials. Specific to the problem, an excess of the standard one-microgram-per-liter of toxic microcystins have show up in two sample readings.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency in the two counties in Toledo’s vicinity, according to the Wall Street Journal. He directed members of the National Guard and the Department of Transportation to start delivering water to persons in the affected area. Additionally, Toledo’s mayor – D. Michael Collins – strongly urged all restaurants in the area to close their businesses temporarily during the water crisis. He said that there are no reports of water-related illnesses at this time. The federal Environmental Protection Agency should have results of another water-testing by Saturday evening.

Anyone who drinks the contaminated water could have a host of problems following digestion of it. The ingesting of contaminated water can affect a person’s liver. Additionally, it can cause a person to experience the diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Likewise, it can cause dizziness or numbness, say city officials. Anyone in Toledo and the surrounding area who believes they were exposed to the toxins via the contaminated water have been told to find medical help. Persons are also reminded not to give any of the area’s waters to their pets.

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