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Do not build your business around someone else’s idea

Survey your customers
Survey your customers
Dominik Gwarek

How many times have you bought a business magazine, a business book, or an information product and read about how someone has made a fortune by following a specific business practice? Building your business around someone else business idea is a big mistake.

It happens quite often, we get frustrated with the way that we are running our business or we don’t see the results we want to see in a timely manner and usually the first thing we do is run out and try to emulate what someone else is doing in their business.

Remember, what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you and your business model. It is important to think outside the business box and look at the big picture, create your own niche. As a business owner, you should do what is best for YOUR customers and give your customers what they need. In order to do that you have to ask your customers what they want and deliver it to them. Yes, ASK THEM!

If you are a brick and mortar business, send out a survey and ask your customers how you can improve on service, or what they would like to see you offer in addition to what you already provide for them.

If your business is online, send out an email to your list and invite them to take a short online survey. Ask your customers what they like, or do not like about your service or business. It is better to give your customers what they want rather than what YOU think they want.

No two businesses are exactly alike. Blaze your own trail, get rid of what is not working and try something different, as a business owner you should step outside of your comfort zone occasionally.


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