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Do Miracles Happen Today? A Look At John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire”: Part 9

“Put simply, modern prophecy is no more reliable in discerning truth than a Magic Eight Ball, tarot cards, or a Ouija board. And, it should be added, it is equally superstitious.” ~John MacArthur, Strange Fire, available at the Cleveland Public Library

“I am a saint. I belong to God. I am a king and a royal priest, called to the service of God. Jesus bought me with His own precious and blameless blood, and has translated my life from the kingdom of darkness to His kingdom of light, peace and abundant life.” ~Dr. Daniel Olukoya

As we conclude this study of John MacArthur’s Strange Fire and his insistence that the age of signs and wonders has come to an end, I want to share a story from Dutch Sheets, one that he shares is the top miracle he is privately a part of.

Dutch Sheets has written a number of best-sellers on the power of prayer, and teaches courses on the subject as well.

A friend of his was in Canada giving a sermon. He was a visiting evangelist and was aware of the normal protocol of being a guest speaker, however, he couldn’t shake the sensation something was very wrong. He told the crowd, “I think we should stop and pray.” Ten minutes later he continued his sermon, and then stopped again. “I think we should pray.” Another uncomfortable ten minutes passed, and it was clear people did not understand what was going on; they had come to listen to a sermon.

He continued his message, then stopped a third time, and this time he began to speak in a language he didn’t understand. He shared that he knew people were getting very uncomfortable, but he told them to pray, something was happening but he didn’t know what.

Inside he was in turmoil. He knew the people were expecting him to preach, but he also knew something was taking place in the unseen world, he just wasn’t sure what. Several minutes passed as he kept speaking words he didn’t understand. Suddenly a woman in the back row screamed.

She ran up front and said, “My daughter is a missionary in a remote town in Africa. She became deathly ill two days ago. It took hours to get her to a hospital with very basic equipment. We can’t even talk to her by phone. The doctors had to find a phone to call us and tell us her condition was too serious and it was too late, she was going to die. While you were speaking, I suddenly understood a sentence you spoke as my daughter taught me some of the dialect of the village she works in. You just said, ‘Fear not, your daughter is well. Fear not, your daughter is well.’”

Sure enough, the daughter did recover, and a great move of God came upon the congregation.

Think about it for a moment, an American evangelist was in a church in Canada and began to speak a language from a village in Africa at just the moment a mother with a missionary daughter in that very same village was in the back row with the message she desperately needed to hear.

To hear from God, to believe in miracles, this is not strange. Scripture says God is a consuming fire. May our daily life be filled with his manifested glory, in ways both small and great, and may we refuse to burn out, but instead burn up with passion for the one who answers prayers in magnificent and uncommon ways.

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