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Do Job Seekers Really Read?

Hmm, just wondering how many of you look, upload, and hit send in hopes of getting a job offer from one of the many job sites available nowadays?

How many of you really read to learn how to best position your skills for hiring managers who are looking for you?

I recently attending this years' Career Thought Leaders conference in Baltimore, Maryland. This is one of the premier organizations that serve as a think tank for career professionals savvy enough to dare to dream about helping motivated job seekers and career changers. I found myself purchasing 18 books about career and career related topics. I understand that if I want to grow in my business, I have to read. Such is the case for you as well.

Have you read anything thought provoking on how to interview?

Have you peaked into the different types of resumes that may be beneficial to submit to online job boards?

Do you know how to get a colleague to see you as a valuable asset in your professional industry?

How about how to leverage LinkedIn? Do you realize that over 80% of jobs are now found via social media sites such as LinkedIn?

If you do read, I wonder if our book lists are in any ways similar? Here are a few books that I recommend to help job seekers and career changers:

  • No One Is Unemployable by Debra L. Angel and Elisabeth E. Harney
  • Career Mechanics I by Thomas W. Morris III, CMF
  • Repurpose Your Career - A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers By Marc Morris
  • The 2-hour Job Search by by Steve Dalton

I hope that you have found this article helpful. Take a look at this video called, "Reskilling Yourself to Improve Your Job Search".

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