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Do it the good old-fashioned way! (Video)

If you were expecting the end of the world, you may be a bit disappointed right now. We are all still here and that means you still need to find a way to pay the bills. There may be a few job openings here and there; but for the most part, the bleak looking job market is wearing on a lot of people these days. But there are jobs, and if you keep looking you will find something. However, you may not find it sitting behind your computer and posting on websites geared toward that purpose. Why? The answer is simple, really: because there is just too much competition. There are hundreds if not thousands of people competing for those advertised job openings. But do you know what? That can work to your advantage elsewhere.

While those people are doing what you were, attending job fairs and sending their resumes through those websites to prospective employers… maybe even getting interviews but never getting hired… you can try an old tried-and-true approach. You can go out to businesses in person, and you will find work. The first key is to skip all of the big chains and such for now; it’s easier to get a job with one of them when you already have another job. They love to steal good workers. But you may just find the job of your dreams and never want to go back to working for “the big boys”.

Start by surveying your area and choosing the businesses you are interested in working for. Research them. And when you first approach them, don’t ask if they’re hiring or have any job openings. Ask them if they have any work. Many times a business may not be prepared to hire someone and put them on the payroll, but they have extra work that none of the employees is getting done. So you may get a day’s worth of work… a good reference, and if you impress them enough, you may get hired on as an employee.

The best way to impress them is with knowledge of their company. The more you know about their business and its goals, the more valuable you make yourself to a future employer. So do your homework, dress for success, and step out in confidence that you are worthy of the position you would like to hold. Then do what it takes to secure that position, even if it means just getting a foot in the door with your desired place of employment. You can do this!

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