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Do Guys Mean What They Say?

Guys can be so confusing. They say one thing but do another. They go from hot to cold. Some even lie to get what they want. Is there any truth to what guys say? An interview with off the record explains it all.

JP: Have you ever told a girl one thing and did another? OTR: No.

JP: Why do most guys say they will do something but when the time comes they don't? OTR: At first they want to but then they don't.

JP: How could a girl tell the difference from a guy just talking than a guy who keeps his word? OTR: She has to follow her heart. A girl knows when a guy is just telling her what she wants to hear.

JP: Why do guys ask a girl for her number but never call? OTR: Sometimes, they want to see if they still have game.

JP: Do you have any advice for girls out there who are going through this? OTR: Listen to your heart.

It can be hard to trust a guy since most guys say one thing but don't follow through on their word. There are good guys out there and time tells weather or not a guy is true.

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