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Do GOP wins show racism toward Obama? Check the numbers

Obama a lame duck?
Obama a lame duck?
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  • Dr Carl Edwards 5 years ago

    Bob: how are you doing? Beijing is a very interesting place and I can write a book about my experiences here. Starting a biotech company in China is not for the feint hearted! In my opinion this election is hardly about racism but jobs and the economy. Obama's team went too fast and the majority of Americans sent him a message about this. I think our country has moved past this issue but where people are feeling pain is in their pocketbook.

  • Chip Brill 5 years ago

    Great piece. I think though for me it has nothing to do with racism. I personally wouldn't care what color he was. What I care about is the fact is that he's a socialist and wants to continue this cycle of big government and making Americans beholding to the bottomless pit of entitlements. Which we no longer can afford.
    I hope your well and my father said hello.

  • Vin Smith 5 years ago

    It is amazing to me how the GOP has gotten away with the lies and distortions repeated by their leaders and minions as well since the 2008 election. Death panels? Only a dummkopf would accept that malarkey. Birth certificate challenge? Dead brains might buy that. Even the charge that Barach Obama is a socialist rings hollow. He is less to the left than several of the Democratic presidents of the past. Sure it's racism. The entire Tea Party movement is racist. And their adherents are pure, unadulterated evil--anti Christian to boot. Just ask yourself "what Jesus would think?" Here is what the great rabbi of 2,000 years past would say... The GOP is on the same footing as the Pharisees...

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