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Do good on Be an Angel Day with these 10 deeds

Be an Angel Day -August 22nd
Be an Angel Day -August 22nd
Sandra Perez

This coming Friday, August 22, is Be an Angel Day. This is a nice change from all of the food holidays we have been having lately. Be an Angel Day was created by Jayne Howard Feldman in 1993. Feldman says she was inspired by angels to be the founder of Be an Angel Day.

On this day, Feldman wants to encourage us all to do random acts of kindness and help others. With all of the violence going on these days, Be an Angel Day comes at a perfect time!

Make a difference on this day – as you should every day. Whether it’s a small favor you do for a friend or total stranger. Your good deeds can be emotional, physical or spiritual. The point is to help someone in need, and in return, you are guaranteed to feel happiness. It’s a win-win.

According to Feldman, her website’s purpose is to assist you in regaining peace in your life and to inspire you to be a peacemaker here on earth. Need some help getting started? Below are 10 acts of kindness you can try doing on Be and Angel Day or any other day you feel inspired:

  1. Volunteer at a nursing home.
  2. Make inspirational homemade bookmarks with a positive message and leave them in books you return to your public library.
  3. Start a fundraiser for an important cause in your community, or contribute to one that is already taking place.
  4. Plant a tree.
  5. Be someone’s shoulder to cry on.
  6. Volunteer at your local pet adoption center.
  7. Buy lunch for someone in need.
  8. Buy a bag of yummy groceries and donate it to your local food bank or shelter.
  9. Mow your neighbor’s lawn.
  10. Take your siblings to a movie to give your parents a day off.
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