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Do frames-per-second really matter in gaming?

The race is on!
The race is on!
Evolution Studios / Sony

The recent news of Driveclub running at 1080p and 30 frames-per-second has people thinking about resolution and frames in the gaming world. While resolution is definitely important, especially for those with HD televisions and monitors, frames may be less so. Many gamers don’t mind not being able to see a game in 60 fps when I am playing, the only time frames affect me is while recording gameplay. When playing for fun, however, most gamers could care less how many numbers come before fps, as long as it is playable and looks good.

The new console generation definitely looks good, while not all titles look the best possible; They still have beautifully crafted worlds, characters and plenty more eye candy to keep a player’s attention.

Most people cannot claim to know all the technical aspects that go into higher frames, that is why someone must look at this topic from the point of the regular gamer. Everyone enjoys the games the play, especially so when they look good, that may seem shallow, but it’s crazy not to admit how something looks has an affect on how someone perceives the game.

Gamers are in the mindset that more frames-per-second means a better experience overall. This is not so in most cases. Look at Driveclub, for example. Developer Evolution Studios felt 30 fps was perfect for the racing title and did not sacrifice quality, as the latest game trailer shows. Who are gamers to say these people who develop the games are wrong? They know what they’re doing; Players need to put more faith in them. They create these experiences for people to enjoy, that is their goal, they don’t want to fail that.

While thinking like this may hold back the industry as a whole, what is the point of the gaming industry if not purely for fun and entertainment?