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Do Division Street Fest & Sidewalk Sale

A street view of last year's Do Division Street Fest.
A street view of last year's Do Division Street Fest.

There will be two stages of music at this year's Do Division Street Fest & Sidewalk Sale, happening this Saturday and Sunday (6/5-6). The Damen stage is programmed by Empty Bottle Presents and the Leavitt stage by Subterranean / House Call Entertainment. The Street Fest runs from noon to 10 PM, but the music continues at the Empty Bottle, Beauty Bar, and Subterranean both nights. Actually, some may say the party starts tonight at both the Bottle and SubT.

Tonight at SubT is The Good Life, Cursive frontman Tim Kashner's side project, and local boys Brighton, MA. I'm a huge Cursive fan, but could see that some people may find The Good Life more approachable. Regardless of which band his songs fall into, Kashner is an exciting songwriter. Brighton, MA have been making waves for a while now, and seeing them for the third time is just as encouraged as catching them for the first. Show starts at 9:30, is 17+, and you can buy your tickets for $12.

Same venue, next night sees Muscle Shaols, Alabama's Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit taking the stage after Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons. Maybe you've grown weary of My Name & The Blank bands. I won't say you're wrong to be apprehensive. These two bands are genuine, talented, and seasoned, though; any apprehension will be quickly washed away as the tunes soak in. These two bands close out the Leavitt Stage Sunday night, and I have to recommend seeing them at one time or the other.

At the Bottle tonight is a XRT Local Anesthetic featured band Mannequin Men. Tomorrow the Bottle will give us Toro Y Moi, Save The Clocktower, and Glitter Bones. Closing out the weekend Sunday night is Pelican (Do Division Damen stage on Saturday), Miracle Condition, and Medusa.

But the Bottle does not stop there, because the Bottle never stops. At their Beauty Bar location (1444 W. Chicago Ave) will be DJ set after parties featuring special guest DJs that just rocked your ears at the street fest. Saturday, The Hood Internet closes out the Damen stage at Do Division and then will take over the DJ booth at some point in the night at Beauty Bar. Similar story Sunday night: after closing out Do Division, YACHT will do their DJ thing at Beauty Bar for the official Do Division After Party. Other special guest DJs on these two nights include Jason Tyler, Bobby Birdman, and Jeffrey Jerusalem.

Now, to list the programs for the two stages at Do Division Street Fest. In bold are bands that I have not yet mentioned in this article that have my attention and may grab yours. That said, one of the great thing about these street fests is hearing bands that you hadn't heard before but wish you had. Chicago is one of the great cities in the world because of the summer and street fests are one of the reasons why. So go to 'em, ya turkey!

Damen Stage: Jeremy Messersmith, Maritime, CoCoComa, Headlights, Pelican, The Hood Internet.
Leavitt Stage: The Gunshy, The Poison Arrows, Vacations, Bailiff, Sybris, The Good Life, The Nights Marchers.

Damen Stage: The Mynabirds, Earl Greyhound, Warpaint, El Ten Eleven, Ponys, YACHT.
Leavitt Stage: King Sparrow, Cameron McGill & What Army, Tim Larson & The Owner Operators, Rego, Soft Speaker, Scott Lucas And The Married Men, Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit.

To see when each band checks the stage click this.


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